who we are

Pantherburn Studios, founded by Miguel Oliveira, specializes in providing cutting edge material to artists and producers looking for fresh original work. If you are simply looking to bring your material up to speed or a whole new sound, our team of talented musicians, producers, and engineers will guide you through the process. Trust Pantherburn Studios to deliver a quality product you can be proud of.


Miguel Oliveira is a singer-songwriter who works in developing new and exciting artists for Pantherburn Studios, a company he founded in 2017. His lifelong love for music surfaced after a long career in the news broadcasting field. Miguel started out working with Peter Jennings at ABC News and later Diane Sawyer at 20/20 which culminated into a lengthy stay at CNN, with Anderson Cooper and Paula Zahn. In his 15 years spent as a news broadcaster, Miguel took on the roles of news anchor, reporter, field producer, operations producer while encompassing the entire spectrum of the newsgathering profession. Miguel has been a member of several Emmy and Peabody award-winning news teams, covering natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and humanitarian crises in war-torn zones. He speaks 5 languages.


Matthew Joel Edell, started composing music at the tender age of 7. The Violin, Guitar, and Piano are the components of which he puts his thoughts into songs. Matt started and was apart of many bands in his teenage years which gave him the ability to excel and learn the music business very quickly. Currently, Matt sings and plays guitar in the band The Maisons and plays drums in Teena’s band.

When he is not making music or producing his time is spent overseeing his record label Paveway Records

Matthew enjoys the rest of his free time when he is not working studying cybersecurity and being a father to his two children.

He loves his home here at Pantherburn and looks forward to working with you.